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The infobox template used for the character goes at the top of the page. The first template should always be the Character infobox template. Images should be sized to 240px in width.

A brief overview or summary of the character goes here, introducing people to it.


Here is where you describe the appearance of your character. Be as detailed as you can, as images may not provide all the necessary information. If your character has multiple appearances or transformations, please detail them here as well.


Naturally, a character must have a personality - describing how they interact with others and the world around them. Your personality should be reasonable for your characters' backstory, and explanations as to why they act like they do may go here as well.


This section is for describing your characters' past, and how they came to be who they are today. It should be done in high detail, to avoid large 'infodumps' in the middle of a roleplay or story as to what the character has been through.


This section details what your character has been through in the roleplay itself. It should be a summary of all events relating to your character on the wiki in your own words, and should be updated periodically. Do not copypaste roleplays or stories here.

Skills, Abilities and Techniques

This section is for describing what your character can do, as well as any powers, skills or specific techniques they know. Be reasonable about how powerful or skilled you make your character. We recommend bullet points for formatting.

The preferred order is as follows:

Physical Capabilities

This is where you describe the physical capabilities of your character, such as but not limited to speed, strength, intelligence or stamina.


This section details any skills your character has picked up over the years - such as knowledge regarding specific combat styles or fields of research, as well as any other notable skills - even if mundane.

Special Abilities

Describe, in detail, any unique, special or supernatural abilities your character possesses here. Be reasonable - any powers are subject to administrative approval. Certain things that would normally be under Physical Capabilities or Skills may go here, if they are exceptional or supernatural in nature.


Any equipment, items or other objects your character typically has on them should be explained in detail here - for instance a unique sword, firearm or perhaps a special necklace. If any of these items possesses some form of ability or unique effect, is should be detailed here as well.

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