"I remember Keda from my youth... the glistening crimson on fields of gold.. the violet flora lining the hillside.. and the elegant people soaked in the sun's vivid dawn hard at work.."

Harleif Anasaki is the full-blooded Kedean grandfather to Aranos, Zakato, and Myo. As a wise, sage-like old man, Harleif is very strong and skilled in multiple fighting arts, having been 'among the best' in his prime. He passed down his practices to his family.


Born on Planet Keda, Harleif left the planet as a young man to pursue an 'observational education' by traveling the galaxy. After running low on money, Harleif learned to fight and bust the stereotype of Kedeans being weak. He led a long career full of wins, championships, and glory. He later settled down on Planet Oclar where he raised a family and opened a fighting school. He now raises his grandchildren who have taken over the school. They look up to him as a caring, fun, well-traveled, but also demanding and perfectionist man.

As of the current year, per Kedean tradition, Harleif is ready to return to his homeland Keda to live out his days. This is an opportunity for his nearly-grown grandchildren to start new lives and expand their school.

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