Kedeans are a rather peaceful race of Humans whom call Planet Keda home. They find pride and strength in their roots and history, and are renowned for their fortitude and forbearance, which has made Keda quite prevalent in commerce and diplomacy.


One thing that makes Kedeans a bit unique is that their versatility--they're a very all-around, average race. Kedeans engage in all sorts of tasks, skills, and physical arts such as fighting and magic. This isn't necessarily a jack-of-all-trades scenario, as given enough practice, a Kedean can perfect and master any craft (they just have no inherent advantages).

Though Kedeans are spiritually bound to their home planet, they often travel and explore other frontiers of space during their lifetimes, as they are natural explorers. But they always return to Keda to live their final years, as is tradition. For this reason, Planet Keda is home to many races and immigrants.


Kedeans range from short and stout to tall and slender (4 foot to 6 foot), though there have been extreme cases. Their skin color varies greatly, from purple to pink to black. Both males and females can grow hair of any color as well. Kedeans give birth directly through females, rather than by laying eggs, and tend to have 2-4 children. All five senses are quite average for Kedeans.

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