A mass of blackened, foul water and dust. The outpost of all things fetid and sullied.

Planet Vulgrin
is an appalling, largely abrogate planet located in the Gildrain System located within the Zaboros Galaxy. It is a place which is infamously infested with swarms of criminals and fugitives of all races, origins and backgrounds. Though the actual threat to one's life and safety can vary depending on the area in which an individual situates themselves on Vulgrin, it is generally accepted as being a enormous spherical deathtrap of decay, poverty and dishonesty. A highly impoverished, destitute slim world, Vulgrin is a highly dangerous planet which thrives on corruption and breathes unending violence, this planet serves as a direct hub for the complex organization and ongoing support of countless different forms of illegal activity and corrupt enterprise.



Depraved Origins

Vulgrin was originally a place with a rather congenial, friendly surface habitat, boasting an environment and ecosystem comparable to that of the ideal "near-earth" world. It became a primary target of interest for various interstellar crime syndicates and corrupt conglomerates, and such would flock to the world from locations spanning multiple galaxies in magnitude, who sought to transform it into a place of legalized debauchery and sin which existed above and beyond the reach of any galaxian government or enforced laws throughout creation. Fleets of ships carrying men gripping weapons in their hands and greed within their hearts flocked to Vulgrin, and mass construction across the surface took place, an act which was orchestrated by many different power, highly notorious organized crime sects and illegal activity syndicates, and thus, Vulgrin quickly became known across the stars as the single most infamous, wild adult amusement center in the entirety of the Zaboros Galaxy.

Vulgrin World War

Vulgrin was not a place with countries or governments. It was merely a place where the the vices of the addicted and the depraved could be exploited by various small armies of organized criminals to make a profit out of, and having essentially built the planet into a place where an individual could drink in such pleasures with complete and utter impunity so long as they could pay for it, business on Vulgrin was exceptional, and everyone and their mother wanted to get in on it in some way. As more and more syndicates flocked towards Vulgrin to get their hands in the various highly illict and outlawed activities which were taking place on the planet, tensions began to rise to a boiling point between the great many sects and gangs which oversaturated the planet's markets and businesses, and thus, an enormous worldwide war broke out which was known as the Vulgrin World War, in which tremendous destruction was inflicted and millions upon millions of lives lost. When the were was over, what was previously hundreds of different gangs had been boiled down to just 12 massive sects, which quickly settled into Vulgrin and establish a treaty of unspoken, uneasy peace.


Ishmon Continent

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