The Saikari Clan is one of the 3 Clans on Torio Island on Planet Keda, reigning supreme among the others. This is in part due to the Saikougan. Through decades, the Saikari Clan and its adversary clans have gone through several wars, and this has strengthened the clan and its people to be born with higher BL's.



Torio Island started out as a collective of warring tribes, fighting for hunting lands, water, and materials. As tribes became more civilized, they formed alliances that would eventually create the other two clans found on Torio Island. As these newly formed clans settled down, a man known simply as the Sage appeared and shared with them the arts of energy. With their newfound power, the clans again found themselves displaying a cycle of war, but the same Sage who had taught them their abilities would fall in love with one of the island's women, thus creating descendants. The descendants would later split off into three distinct branches, some inheriting more of the original bloodline than others, and grouped themselves together as the Saikari Clan.

Despite having slight competition at first, the Saikari Clan gained their footing and formed a village of their own. Taking this as an opportunity to defeat them, the rivaling clans attacked, only to be utterly stomped by the defenders, who displayed a surprising amount of skill in the same methods of energy they practiced, some left astonished that the Saikari were even capable of utilizing it. Though the adversary clans were unaware, their ability actually stemmed from their correlation with the bloodline of the Sage, and their true power had first been unleashed in that battle by few particular members. The Saikougan, or Supreme Eye, was activated by emotional tremors among some fighters at the battlegrounds, giving them an overall enhancement of abilities compared to the ones attacking them.

Over the years, each clan finally learned to keep their distance and live in peace. The era of peace was rarely interrupted by conflict, but the trend of constant fighting stopped, and the behaviors seen in this era continued on until present time, and the creation of new clans is even bound for the future.

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