This page follows Planet Keda from its natural beginnings, its political and cultural evolution, through to the modern age.

Where to begin..

Ancient beginnings

  • Primeval Year 10,000,000 - the first life on Planet Keda begins to appear and begin evolution
  • (circa) Primeval Year 10,000 - first civilizations rise to power, numerous wars and conflicts come about but relative peace is maintained

First Age

  • Year 2285 - the 1st Kedean World Tournament occurs to determine the dominating, governing continent of Keda, resulting in Arcania's victory -- bringing forth a new age

Second Age

Third Age

  • Year 225 - the official calendar is established throughout Keda and the First, Second, and Third Age are declared
  • Year 856 - King Arsand IV of Valrius is assassinated, unleashing built-up international tensions
  • Year 856 - the "Great War" begins and twenty years of hell ensue on all four continents
  • Year 876 - the 3rd Kedean World Tournament occurs, effectively ends the "Great War", and results in Valrius rising to global power -- bringing forth a new age

Fourth Age

  • Year 80 - Aranos Anasaki is born on Planet Oclar
  • Year 100 - current events..
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