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Bureaucrat Founder
  • I live in inner mechanisms of my mind
  • I was born on June 11
  • My occupation is filmmaker, producer, seer of all things conjoined
  • I am lost in thought

"What divides us as a race, confines us as a people, and defines us as a society."
— quote I made for one of my characters

Hey! I'm TheGreatKuzon!, but you can just call me Kuzon or Kuz. As the 'leader' and overseer of Universe Zeta, I involve myself with the basic workings, organization, and representation of the site. I like to create strong bonds with fellow users and promote creative collaboration, which I believe is the name of the game. This means being meditative, fair and genuine. Being director of RP, I help write the systems and standards, and more importantly, the stories overlying it all. In short, I'm an advocate of a consistent, organized, clean-looking, healthy wiki.

I understand a good deal of what being a wiki administrator means because I was the co-founder and leading bureaucrat of one for 5 years - The Lookout (formerly Supreme Dragon Ball Wiki), which at its peak stood hundreds of users and over 5,000 pages. I was there from its dawn to dusk, witnessed the evolution in my and countless others' skills and work, and dealt with my fair share of conflicts and issues.

As a seven-year Wikia user, I've found the site the perfect way to conjure and flex my undying creativity. You'll typically find me role-playing (RP), my foremost interest of all. Personally, I love expansive and detailed RP arcs filled with both action and lore, combining with my love for fantasy, history, philosophy, and politics.


My real name is Daniel and I'm from Ohio, USA. I tend to (try to) mix a laid back attitude with a front-and-center one. My style of humor and wit-infused seriousness often confuses people. Per time limitations, the only anime I've fully watched are Dragon Ball and Naruto and my favorite games are Elder Scrolls and Minecraft. I love to work out and practice different martial arts. Though not impressively talented, I enjoy playing guitar and piano and improvising or writing music (favorite genres being R&B, rock, and ambience). Same with drawing.

I am a secular humanist and politically progressive, and enjoy political, religious, and 'intellectual' discussions that many seem to avoid. I see myself as very open-minded, often eccentric, and often try new things.. My influences are far and wide, pretty much anything in its own way.

My stories..

  • Prologue (8/2018) - the Kedean govt calls on strong-willed and courageous fighters willing to help defend Keda
  • The First Tale (8/2018) - the [heroes] face a giant organization of pirate gangs trying to take over Keda, headed by their leader Captain Ikarus, and are summarily halted in their tracks


If you have the time and will to embark on a whole new adventure in a massive, original role-playing universe full of adventure, fantasy, villains, and all-out freedom, then enter Universe Zeta! Zeta has been under construction for nearly a year now and is finally ready to accept new contributors to help scribe their name onto the scrolls of history.

  • The entire RPverse is original in itself but of course elements from different shows, anime, movies, games, or other series' are allowed.
  • The experience is entirely personal, as your character(s) can be based in fantasy, realism, cyberpunk, or whatever fits you, as long as it works within the confines of RP. Be creative!
  • We try to avoid point-based systems and keep to basic standards as much as possible to allow for more freedom but not at the expense of consistency. 
  • RPing on the wiki is flexible and done on either chat, page, or forum. Fiction based on the universe is encouraged. 
  • It all comes down to shaping the universe around you, whether you decide to be a hero, villain, or antihero.

It's our main principle to promote a consistent, welcoming, and warm atmosphere always willing to learn or try something new. So check it out!


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