Zen'aku Tozadri
Name Zen'aku Tozadri
Tier/XP City Block Level - 15 XP
Aliases Dragonkin
User Zion3xX
Race Tozadri
Gender Male Male
Age 5
Height 6'8
Weight 220 LBS
Professional Status
Affiliation The Order of the Sufinkusu
Occupation Dragonkin/Tozadri Warlord
Personal Status
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Zen'aku Tozadri (トザドリ・ゼンアク, Tozadri Zen'aku) is a Tozadri warrior and the most recent Dragonkin of the race. Zen'aku is a member of the Order of the Sufinkusu as he trains as the newest recruit under his 11 superior members. Despite only being 5 years old biologically and chronologically, Zen'aku is a worthy advesary in combat. A Tozadri warlord and martial artist, Zen'aku is a highly skilled and experienced fighter. This being due to the multiple conflicts and training he's undergone in his short life. 

From warding off invading barbarians, to being trained in several arts of fighting, through it all, Zen'aku, a natural born genius has always prevailed and advanced. Zen'aku is seen as a the chosen one of the Tozadri race and is highly respected and cherished by its people. As so, Zen'aku has become the warrior he is today through the help of his fellow kinsmen. From teaching him the ways of combat, to craftsmanship and even books smarts and strategy. 

Zen'aku's origin is vastly unknown by even his people's leaders as Dragonkin usually seem to appear out of the blue among the ranks of the Tozadri race. Upon his arrival among his people, the newborn, already 5 feet tall by this time was immediately passed on to the leaders of the race by peasants. This occurred prior to the discovery of Zen'aku within seaweed farms in the Southern Hemisphere on Planet Tozan. From there he was immediately quarantined, and seperated from the rest of the race. He was taken into training where he gained the highest levels of education in combat, strategy, logic, and more. Mere weeks into his training, Zen'aku was seemingly the most impressive member of the Tozadri race. The most mentally and physically advanced warrior by light years. 

Zen'aku's initial training consisted of a battle simulations on one of the few secret military bases built deep within the planet's crust. He'd often take on advanced alien fighters and interstellar creatures. Of course always prevailing against all except the former Dragonkin before him. Zen'aku from a young age would train his durability in the most extreme of conditions, constantly breaking his way further into the planet, attempting to get as far down to the core as possible. This increased his durability by much as he'd learn to take on even the heaviest of pressure and heat closer to the core. 

Zen'aku also trained his Sanguine Omnium reserves by pushing himself to the absolute brink of his power through fighting off endless waves of Tozadri warriors. Through this, Zen'aku has come near the brink of death on multiple occasions and has gained massive amounts of power through this method in only a single year. By the age of 2, Zen'aku was already stronger than any none Dragonkin Tozadri to have ever walked the face of the planet. 




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