The mortal universe is overseen and wholly influenced by a pantheon of seven divine powers known as the Zetas. They are the most worshiped gods in Universe Zeta and are strongly ingrained in many empires, cultures, and lore.

Under the Seven Zetas are lower gods known as Kami, who act as advisors and watch over a specific quadrant of the universe. There is also a Supreme Kami and Grand Supreme Kami, acting as leaders over the lower Kami that put their focus over the universe's state as a whole.

The Seven Zetas

  • Zychus (z-eye-kus) -- the Strength, Power, Justice, and Commerce Zeta
  • Arokaro (ar-oh-kar-oh) -- the Magic, Energy, and Soul Zeta
  • Meydes (may-dees) -- the Wisdom, Logic, Willpower, and Honor Zeta
  • Valaria -- the Cosmic, Physics, and Elemental Zeta
  • Qulyra (kyu-lee-rah) -- the Beauty, Aesthetics, Charity, and Luck Zeta
  • Xerxes (zer-k-sees) - the Peace and Fortune Zeta
  • Special Zeta whom grants powerful wishes for hefty prices.. (summoned using Naigari's Chronicle)


  • Judgement Kami - Decides whether Souls go to Zeta or The Carnage Realm.
  • Northern Quadrant Kami - Looks over the Northern Quadrant of the universe.
  • Eastern Quadrant Kami - Looks over the Eastern Quadrant of the universe.
  • Southern Quadrant Kami - Looks over the Southern Quadrant of the universe.
  • Western Quadrant Kami - Looks over the Western Quadrant of the universe.
  • King Kami - Supervises the Quadrant Kami and reports their action and how well they are doing their job.
  • Supreme Kami - Watches over all lower Kami alongside the Grand Supreme Kami, making sure they do their job while also keeping up with the overall state of the universe.
  • Grand Supreme Kami - Top advisor of the universe, watching over every detail to provide quality descriptions of the universe's well-being. When there is a great threat to a portion of the universe or the universe as a whole, the Grand Supreme Kami and the Supreme Kami will appear in the mortal realm and get involved with the situation, at times using their power to fight the threat.

The Seven Anti-Zetas

Opposite the seven Zetas, who represent seven virtues, there are the Anti-Zetas. They help to balance out the power wielded by them.

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Like the Zetas, under them the Anti-Zetas have advisors as well.

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